Don't Just Watch a Movie... LIVE IT!

Enter a room for 30, 45 or 60 min
(depending on room)

with 2-12 players (we can do MULTIPLE rooms at once)

Find clues
solve puzzles

Prevent an explosion, a virus unleashed, break an evil spell, solve a mystery or another fun adventure

Escape victorious!



Delivered to Your Door

We are the industry leader in MOBILE escape room entertainment and team building!  

We have taken our mobile escape rooms to hundreds of different locations including

- Colleges

- Corporate Events

- After-prom/After-Graduation Celebrations

- Festivals & Conventions

Unlike other escape rooms, we have games that we can FLY with.  "Pack small and play big" is our motto and we can use theatrical lighting and sound effects to turn your meeting place into an immersive and super fun environment that will challenge you and inspire you to be the kind of team that can save the world!

CLICK HERE to Watch a Short Testimonial Video from Past Clients

Real Team Building

Even if you are just playing for the sheer FUN of it (like most people)
these games will

  • bring you together for a common purpose

  • encourage you to work together

  • foster excited communication

  • challenge you to use your brain

  • and leave you feeling like you were part of something special. 

But we can do much more for you!  Real team building is not just a "one and done".  If you want to grow your team's ability to work together at their best we can customize a SERIES of experiences for you that combine your specific goals and combine them with take role play, gaming and creative problem at a whole new level. 

We can even collaborate with your team to develop your OWN escape room!  Imagine the creative fun your team can have coming up with and building their own escape room and then offering it up for your other employees or even the general public to enjoy.  Then imagine them taking the kind of creative juices they develop in that environment and channeling it towards innovation at your company. 


That kind of experience is priceless.


Take a moment to think about what you would like to improve about your team's performance? Morale?   Communication?  Barriers to creativity?  Clearer objectives and goals? Stress reduction?  Better processes and procedures?  Innovation?


Then call us with your goals in mind and ask us how we can help. 


Together we can develop the kind of programs that will help you achieve your goals and your team will enjoy at the same time.

Larry Volz
Founder & Creative Director