Mobile Escape Rooms in Educational Settings

Real Escape Rooms started with colleges around the country so we have always had great ties with education.  And now we have expanded our offerings to bring great things to your school for students ages 8 on up!

Tiered, Incentive Based Programs

Are you a school system utilizing a tiered, incentive based program to promote success in academics and/or behavior?  

Escape rooms are a SUPER fun activity to use as a reward in a positive reinforcement incentive program.  Watch as your students engage in collaborative thinking, problem solving, pro-social skills, team building and many other skill sets needed to help them become successful members of society. 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Are you an administrator or teacher in a school with a strong emphasis on STEM curriculum who would like to have a hands on opportunity that is totally unexpected? Do you want to do something completely out of the box for the students at your school?

If so, then take a look at our escape rooms to bring it all together. These unique experiences come to you and can be tailored to meet the needs or theme of your specific school environment. 

Collaborative problem-solving is at the heart of our escape rooms.   Our games inspire players to use logic, systems-thinking and lateral thinking processes as well as insightful paradigm shifts all in the name of play-time fun!

We have games oriented towards multiple age groups from 8 years old on up through college and adult groups. 

Ask us about how you can have the experience of building components of an escape room integrated in to your STEM curriculum or how we can reinforce and reward those students who have earned an incentive for demonstrating positive and appropriate behavior and academic achievement!

We can even offer workshops for students and/or teachers on developing their own escape rooms!

Multi-sensory, Immersive Fun & New Opportunities

Escape rooms represent a huge​ new entertainment trend internationally because they are like being IN a movie.  They are a 3-dimensional, tactile oasis in our 2d video-screen-obsessed world.  As such they involve more of our senses.  (We even use scent canisters in some of our rooms!)

They facilitate good communication. 

They give kids the chance to become emergent leaders

And, since they use different kinds of problem-solving, they bring out the talents of a variety of players with a variety of abilities.

With our unique and exciting props, lighting and sound the games transport them into a different world where exercising the mind is a real pleasure.

And since not all kids have the same opportunities to enjoy what can be an expensive form of entertainment, we are proud to be able to give this opportunity to everyone through working with schools like yours. 

All of our games come to you!  Programs include games where one or more rooms of 10 players can enjoy it at a time and our new "mega" rooms like School of Wizardry where up to 10 groups of 10 = 100 students can play at the same time!

Give us a call and let's talk about how we can share something special with your students today!

Call us and let's plan something special for you today!

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