a MEGA Escape Room

for up to 300 PLAYERS AT A TIME!

There is a criminal mastermind afoot perpetrating murders and bombings all over the state. Can your team unravel the clues, unmask and apprehend this criminal kingpin? 

The School of Wizardry

You have been invited to audition for the School of Wizardry.  It's a test of wits and wands with electronic wizardry and whimsical challenge for the magic in you!

A rogue computer has released nanobots into the air.  Can you find the secret to stopping the apocalypse?

Extinction Level Event

A meteor the size of Wyoming is headed towards Earth.  Can you find the five keys in time to launch the missile and save the planet?


The outbreak has begun. Can you find patient zero's blood and reverse engineer it to find a cure?

*Can be played with a "live" zombie on a chain who gets closer as the game moves along.

A killer has left a bomb behind to destroy the evidence.  Can you discover the mystery of who the killer was, why he did it and defuse the bomb before it goes off?



Snow Globe

Jack Frost has a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove himself to Mother Nature and Father Time by turning the Earth into a frozen wasteland forever. 

Can you stop him?

Escape Room Design & Build-out for Escape Rooms & Other Entertainment Facilities

Brick and mortar escape rooms around the country are having great success with games we designed and/or built especially for them..

Customized Trainings

From teaching creativity in business alongside professors at Radford University to corporate events for Capital One - we can offer corporate workshops, trainings and REAL team-building for your needs. 

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