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Using LIVE Avatars & Actors

Play from the comfort and safety of your own home or dorm room!

What is a "Live Avatar?"  It is a live actor with a go-pro style camera on the other end of Zoom helping you explore and interact with a real-life escape room adventure scene.  They are your hands and eyes and one is assigned to every 2-3 players to do exactly as you say so that you can solve the puzzles within puzzles and get them out alive!

Great Benefits of Zoom REMOTE
Escape Rooms
  • Super FUN!
  • Super Easy!
  • No set-up or tear-down
  • More scenery & cool lighting!
  • Exciting Jump scares! (optional)

your escape room live avatars are...

Your robot assistants helping you explore an abandoned lab looking for clues to cure the zombie virus. 


For extra excitement our "escape from the undead" option a LIVE zombie can be in the room on a chain that gets longer every few minutes.  It's likely to jump out at you at any moment adding TONS of excitement to the play and possibly turn your avatar into one of their own!*

Your detectives on the scene that hold up evidence to their cameras to help you examine the clues, unravel the mysteries and find a wanted killer...


... and defuse a ticking bomb!


Fellow wizarding students sharing what they see through your crystal ball so you can unlock the magical mysteries that will get you into the School of Wizardry!